Program - 2017

10:00 Para drop (big flag)
10:15 Slick 540 Neville
10:27 Stearman Ivan
10:40 Augusta SAAF
10:55 Extra 330 SC Nigel
11:19 Good Year eagles
11:37 Menno Heuy
12:02 Glider Gary
12:16 RV team Ryan
12:31 Silver Falcons SAAF
13:12 Andrew Extra 300
13:25 Harvards Scully
13:56 Paradrop Ricci
14:11 Jet formation (3)
14:39 Extra 330 SC Nigel
14:57 Good Year eagles
15:19 Harvards display / depart
15:32 Car race Slick 540
15:44 Silver Falcons SAAF
16:16 Augusta SAAF

The time is here. Planes to Colour the Skies - Only Airshow in Kwazulu Natal !

The highly anticipated Newcastle Airshow will take place on Saturday, June 3 at the Newcastle Airport.

The organizers of the event, Champ Marketing and Events, are very proud of the Airshow and its growth over the past eight years.

The community will be able to see the new construction which is taking place at the airport with the Innovation Hub, the new airport building, and they will also be able to experience the smell of jet fuel by the best aerobatic teams in South Africa.

The elite Silver Falcons of the South African Air Force will take to the skies to show the community what they can offer. The Air Force will also show off the Augusta Helicopter at the Airshow. This very special helicopter will also do a display.

Grade 11 learners from Northern KwaZulu-Natal will have the opportunity to sit down with pilots on Saturday morning. Civil Aviation, Denel and Air Force will educate the Grade 11 pupils on how to become not only pilots, but also part of the aviation world.

The community can look forward to champions like Nigel Hopkins and Neville Ferreira taking to the skies. The Good Year Pitts will entertain the crowd, while Scully Levin and his team will showcase the Harwards. The following planes will also be in action: Extra 330 Sc, Slick 360, Impala, L29, L39, RV Team, Stearman, Glider and Extra 300 LP. Neville Ferreira will compete against a monster from Mercedes Benz during the show. Who will be the Champion?

A first for Newcastle Airshow will be the more or less 10 parachute jumpers. Two of the jumpers will be in a wingsuits and one jumper in an 89 square foot parachute. Corne will display the lovely, extra huge South African flag.

There will be a giant slide for the children to play on while parents enjoy the Treetops Beer garden with an extra special craft tent next to it.

Parents can also ensure their families are well taken care of at the more than 12 food stalls. Stucky Motors and Nissan NTT will showcase the best vehicles in the area; make sure you support the dealerships.

Families can look forward to the annual helicopter flips.

The entrance to the Airshow will remain the same as it has been the last eight years, with no increase: R50 for adults, and R30 for children.

Come and support the only Airshow in Kwazulu-Natal on Saturday, June 3!

Visit the website, www.airshownewcastle.co.za or Facebook page for more details!

Remember take lots photos and share it on Facebook and Instagram with the #airshownewcastle tag, and you can win R2 000!

Airhow Layout for 2017

Our 2017 Exhibitors & Stalls for 2017.

Program starts at 10am and finishes at 4pm. See you there !!

PDF icon Airshow Supplement map 2017.pdf4.58 MB

Media Accreditation

We hereby invite all media / press to apply for Media Accreditations
Pete van der Spek will deal with all Media Accreditation for the 2017 Newcastle Airshow
0824416405 email : pete@pixmanimages.co.za

Applications Closes on : 22 May 2017

The only Airshow in KZN !!

20 + Different display Pilots
Display Teams
Food Stalls
Fun Fair for the Kids and Adults
Action Packed Day

Exhibition Application Form : Newcastle Airshow 2017

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