The Newcastle Airshow is set to fly on the 1st of June 2019.

This event will be completely free of charge.

Residents of the Amajuba District can look forward to a renewed event which will offer:

flying motorbikes
car exhibition
art exhibition
many new exhibitors

The Newcastle Advertiser is the official media partner for the Airshow.

Make sure you read the Newcastle Advertiser every week for updates leading up to the event.

Exhbitors and businesses that want to book space can download forms and submit to

The public of Amajuba District can look forward to a renewed event

With not only aeroplanes but flying motorbikes, car exhibition, art exhibition and lots of new exhibitors.

The Amajuba District can look forward to a brand new jacket for the Newcastle Airshow. A new concept and lots more to see , do and eat !

The Newcastle Advertiser and Caxton group of Newspapers will be the Media Partner for this event ! Make sure you read your weekly newspaper every week ! A newspaper is like Aeroplanes, you need to smell the ink like you smell the jet fuel.

Give your Dreams some Wings on the 2nd of June 2018

The Total Air Newcastle Airshow will take place on the 2nd of June 2018. The Airshow is the only Airshow in KZN.

The South African Airforce will be at the Total Air Newcastle Airshow in full force. The following commitments from SAAF are

A109, Gripen, Silver Falcons, Oryx, Cassa

Golden Eagles parrachute jumpers.

The Gripen will be one of the higlights of the day.

Other acrobatic teams and individual performances will also be on display.

Just Amusements Merry Go Round will also be at the Total Airshow to entertain young and old.

The Silver Falcons – a history

In 1953 an aerobatic team known as the ‘Bumbling Bees’ was founded to represent the South African Air Force by flying formation aerobatics in De Havviland Vampires.

This same team is today known as the Silver Falcons, a team of top notch pilots who showcase the very best in aerobatic flying in the country.

History in the making
The Bumbling Bees team was disbanded in 1958 and only reinstated in 1958, this time flying the Aermacchi MB-326 ‘Impala’ MK I – the newly acquired SAAF het trainer.

Nigel Hopkins at a glance

Another pilot that is sure to entertain at the Newcastle Airshow this year is Nigel Hopkins.

Nigel was born in Port Elizabeth, attended school in Pretoria and currently resides in Centurion with his wife and three daughters.

On the rare occasion that he's not flying, you may find Nigel water skiing or playing golf.

Nigel's father is a pilot and aviation enthusiast, so Nigel grew up with aviation. His weekends were spent at parachute clubs and air shows.

Menno Parsons and his pride and joy, the P-51 Mustang Sally

Arguably one of the biggest attractions at this years’ Newcastle Airshow will be Menno Parsons and his pride and joy, the P-51 Mustang Sally.

Roaring, spitting and kicking the V12 soundtrack of this plane, described by many as the most beautiful ever made, is guaranteed to leave the hairs on your neck stand up.

Parsons, one of the main sponsors this year, is a man whose reputation preceeds him.

He has one of the finest aircraft collections in the country, if not the world, and is never shy to show it off.

Denel Ubuntu Educational Day

The 6 th annual Newcastle Airshow will once again this year present Grade 11 pupils with an opportunity to visit the show free of charge, and get a little VIP treatment along the way.

Denel Aviation has been a partner of the Newcastle Airshow for the past fve years and made a decision to become involved yet again this year by becoming the title sponsor of the Ubuntu Educational Day.

Invited maths and science pupils from all over Northern Kwazulu-Natal will be bussed in to the Newcastle Airport, arriving at 8am.